Will 3D Printing Change the Dental World?

3D printing takes the efficiencies of digital design into the production stage. By combining intraoral scanning and CAD/CAM design with 3D printing, we can accurately and rapidly produce crowns, bridges, stone models, partial substructures, and more. And this is just the beginning of what 3D printers will soon be able to accomplish.

Making the Right Choice by Dr. Malcmacher

Look at all the technology choices we now have in dentistry that we’ve never had before. I don’t care if you’re going to practice for one or 40 years, you’ll have to choose the technologies for your office to practice dentistry in the future. The choices in technology are becoming more complicated and involved. The right choice of technology for your office can rapidly improve patient care and your productivity, which translates to your bottom line. The wrong technology can make clinical care more invasive and complicated, and can put your office out of business. This is why it’s crucial for you to have a well-thought-out process as to how you evaluate which technologies belong in your office.

There are no good or bad technology choices. It all comes down to what services your office provides now, the kind of office you want to have, and the kind of clinical care you want to provide. Let me show you the thought process we go through in our offices when we look at dental technology choices.

There are basically two kinds of dental technology:

Integrative technology — Examples of integrative technology include patient engagement systems, digital imaging, dental lasers, and digital radiography. Integrative technology means that you do not have to change your office or the way you practice dentistry. Let’s take dental lasers as an example. The beauty of an all-tissue dental laser (iPlus, is that once you learn how to use it, you can prepare teeth as fast as a high-speed handpiece without having to deliver local anesthesia. You can wheel this all-tissue laser into your office, park it right next to you, and get to work right away. You prepare teeth the way you […]

3Shape Trios Pod Color with Bob Cohen and Tais Clausen

Watch a demonstration of the new 3Shape Trios Pod Color Intraoral Scanner (IOS)

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Intraoral Scanners – Partnering For Success

We’ve found that when dentists begin exploring intraoral scanner systems, they’re really telling us they want workflows that open new ways to improve efficiency. We firmly believe digital impressions are the future and encourage its acceptance; however, we recognize that all digital impression systems are only practical in the context of strong relationships between doctor, laboratory, and channel partner. Our very own evolution has been a function of our partnerships, and we’re proud to now be a solutions resource for our doctors.

The most profound and significant shift in the digital dentistry is occurring today, and we believe a network of committed partners is critical to it’s successful navigation. The extraordinary increase in variety of systems, workflows, and materials has caused the adaptation of digital technology by dental laboratories and dentists to become a coordinated venture. We encourage you to join our open and transparent network of dental professionals committed to offering unwavering quality and support. We have an enthusiasm for education and a genuine desire to understand your growth strategy. Call us today to see how our unique approach to the doctor – laboratory relationship can support your practice.

Dustin Earnest