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3D Systems Projet 1200

Quickly and economically print micro-SLA, detailed parts for casting, prototyping and end-use parts.

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Here Come the Millennials

Here Come the Millennials
Familiarity with cutting-edge technologies allow new dental graduates to pursue a different path than their predecessors
By Ellen Meyer
Since the turn of the millennium, new dentists entering practice have shown themselves to be different than earlier generations. Digital natives who have grown up with computers, as well as ever-smarter phones and devices, they are more at home with technology—using intraoral cameras, digital scanners, and devices to immediately transmit pertinent case information to team members, including staff, collaborating specialists, and laboratory technicians. They also communicate differently, and are completely at home sharing information via social media, SMS texting, and email. Even to the most casual observer they are noticeably different. This group of dentists is more culturally diverse than groups in the past, and nearly 50% of new graduates are now female.
These younger dentists also face different challenges than their predecessors. The global recession of 2008, the advent of corporate dentistry, the demands of dental insurance, and the skyrocketing cost of dental school have left many struggling under an unprecedented burden of debt without the clear path to prosperity followed by earlier generations.
Given the current scenario, these millennial dentists tend to have different needs, expectations, and working styles than their more experienced counterparts. There is little tolerance for the glitches that were par for the course in the past. They need to work efficiently with all dental team members to be profitable in the face of new practice realities and patient expectations. This means finding ways to deliver consistent quality in a shorter timeframe, and expanding communication capabilities to avert negative outcomes, extra chairtime, and disgruntled patients. For laboratory owners wanting to cultivate and retain customers from this crop of dentists, the ability […]

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