Grow your practice by understanding the value of your treatment plans
Jay M. Geier
Practitioners who have succeeded in their efforts to bring more patients into the practice must next face a second hurdle in growing their practice—improving case presentation.
Using great case presentation techniques to clarify treatment goals and elements is critical to patients and practitioners. But it is first important to address some misunderstandings dentists often have about presenting their best treatment recommendations. These insights and techniques can dramatically increase a clinician’s ability to more consistently convince patients to accept the treatment they need.
Although many practitioners are put off by the concept of “selling”—particularly when it concerns their patients—it is important for them to keep in mind the value of what they offer. They owe it to their patients to become more skilled in case presentation to be able to effectively communicate a treatment plan that will improve patient health and quality of life.

Define Your Purpose
There are typically two basic types of dental offices. A successful office is very passionate about producing results for its patients. Team members make a special effort to bring greater value to their patients than the monetary value of their payments. A dead office, on the other hand, tends to be the reverse. A dead office is all about trying to get the patient to do something just so the office can pay the bill or so that the practice can survive.
Looking at it from the top down, the language the dentist uses should be geared toward making money while providing a positive experience for employees and patients alike. Two words that should never be uttered by a good doctor are “I need”—as in: “I need to have 40 patients […]